Will we see the Aurora Borealis? it is very possible!

Check out this cool site from NOAA to get the forecast. Also, lots to explore here.

Check out these video games created for the tournament by UW-Stout game design students.
Top scores for each game earns an Official Tournament T-Shirt!


Joshua Battles, Aaron Bidwell, Dale Schwiesow, Taylor Sellers, Zachary Spars, Chuewa Vang


Jennifer Eresh, Nicholas Heintz, Steven Lindbloom, Leah McNutt, Eric Score, Billy Scrimsher

Atomic Overload

Doug Benson, Daniel Bodunov, Karlee Hanson, Candice Jahn, David Johnson, Chue Yee Lor


Storm Defense

Clinton Bone, Keenan Jones, Lutz Kellen, Daniel Michael, Austin Smythe, Jonathan Worman