Test Flights/Runs         Team Social Events!!!    

Tournament schedule

SFC 50 (MPR) and SFC 54 (West Gym) will be open on Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 20th from 9am-1pm for test flying for Elastic Launch Glider and Wright, test launches for Air Trajectory and test runs for Scrambler and Electric Vehicle. NOTE: Only competing students with wristbands will be allowed into the facility.

Thursday evening is shaping up to be a fun night on campus! 

Scattered Recreation and Herps Alive! Reptile and Amphibian Exhibit

Time: 7pm – 10pm
Location: MSC (Scattered Locations on Upper and Lower Level)  *We will have a map by Tuesday of next week
Entertainment: Join us in the Memorial Student Center for some “GIANT” fun and a bit of interaction with some visiting reptiles.
Scattered about the Memorial Student Center will be all sorts of “GIANT” life-size versions of Hungry Hungry Hippos, Yardzee, Connect 4, chess and more!  Once you’ve shown your abilities at one of these fun games, don’t miss out on the interaction with Herps Alive!  This interactive reptile and amphibian experience is a traveling educational Herpetology program and non-profit rescue.  We’ll see you in the MSC for some fun!

Also, thursday, MAdilyn Bailey will perform two shows at the mabel tainter theater.

We are very fortunate that Madilyn Bailey is a local prodigy and past Science Olympiad participant at Boyceville High School! (She has several State medals) Madilyn will have two shows that will be amazing at the beautiful Mabel Tainter Theater. This is super cool.......  Teams (coaches) must sign-up on Avogadro for this free event. Seating is limited.


Friday, Swap Meet

Time: Immediately Following Opening Ceremonies (1 hour; 9pm – 10pm scheduled)
Location: Multipurpose Room
Find your school’s table (marked and labeled in alpha order) and then get ready to swap!  Enjoy the fast pace and exciting swap with some treats and excitement.  Have your cameras ready for an impressive visual to mark the occasion and a photo opportunity for teams.

The Saturday POST-Award Ceremony team celebration is going to be a blast! 

Our campus entertainment team may have out done themselves with this event.  Can you say GLOW DANCE and games and food! It will be a great experience to celebrate the incredible experience of competing in Science Olympiad. It is a great opportunity to bond with your team and other teams!   WE WILL have FUN! This event will be in the MPR where the Swap Meet will also be held.

Time: Immediately Following Awards Ceremonies (2 hours; 9pm – 11pm scheduled will shift later if Awards ceremonies runs later)
Location: Multipurpose Room
Dance the night away in celebration of all the fun of a successful tournament weekend.  Be prepared for some sugary treats, a souvenir to commemorate the conference and a truly glowing night.  We look forward to closing out the tournament weekend with some unforgettable memories at the Glow Dance Party!