There will be three wristbands utilized for the tournament.  1. Each of the 15 members of the final roster and the head coach will have a colored coded wristband that they will wear on tournament day.  2. All student members of your traveling team and coaches will have a tournament wristband.  This is to be worn throughout the duration of the tournament.  3. Students will be provided a wristband for admittance to the trial events.

Notes on wristbands:

  1. Students will not be allowed to compete without wristbands, so please make sure that you have 15 wristbands in your package.  You will have signed off on the fact that there are 15 wristbands in the packet.  Wristbands will also be required for Trial Events.
  2. Wristbands are to be placed securely on the wrist of the 15 competing team members whose names are on the turned-in team roster.  These bands must be secured tight enough so that they cannot be slipped off, but not too tight.  Wristbands may be confiscated if they can be slipped off.
  3. If a wristband is defective or damaged, the coach and student must bring the band to headquarters or contact the event YESS team memberfor validation and replacement before they are allowed to compete.
  4. Event supervisors will check students to see that students have their wristband in place before their event begins.
  5. Wristbands will be required for students to enter the practice times for Elastic Launch Glider, Wright Stuff, Air Trajectory, Electric Vehicle and Scrambler.
  6. All competing, alternate students and coaches will also have a Tournament Wristband to gain admittance to ceremonies and other events.  While the strict usage procedures of the competing wristbands is enforced, we are less concerned if a few of the Tournament wristbands become damaged or loss. There is no need to get a replacement for the Tournament wristband.